Origin of the name

We named our company after the initial letters of ASHORO (Ashoro), the place where we were founded, and Agricultural machines.

Ashoro-cho, the place of establishment

Area: 1,408,04㎢
Total population: 6,500
Population density: 4,67 persons/kilometer

Agriculture where we are

Number and Details of Farmers in Hokkaido
The area of arable land is about 1,144,000 ha.
The area of arable land per farmer is 28.5 ha.
Agricultural output value is 1,259.3 billion yen


Q. How many employees do you have?

A. There are only 20 employees in total.
It's a small company, but it has a lot of experience and is fairly well known in Japan.

Q. What are the company's strengths?

A. Unlike large corporations, we have a small number of employees, which allows us to quickly design products that meet local needs. Since we manufacture our own products, we can complete them quickly. Unfortunately, it is in Japan, so transportation takes time.

Q.What is your area of expertise?

A. Weed machine and onion harvester will be our specialty. We have small weed machine, so we are strong in products for small-scale farmers.

Q. Overseas export performance

A. Mainly exported to Korea, China, Taiwan, the U.S. and Mongolia. Although the number of cases per year is small, we are actively exporting our products overseas.

Q. About shipping

A. Transportation is mainly by ferry, but if you are in a hurry, we can ship your cargo by air. However, please note that airmail has size and weight restrictions. It will be shipped in cardboard packaging and will need to be assembled.